From Russia with love

I just came back from a 2 week tour with the Miller Orchestra in Russia. We toured 11 cities in 13 days, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. What a country that is! People loved the music, and loved to hear us play. The last day in St. Petersburg we had a sold-out concert for 3500 people!! Every day people were asking for autographs and took pictures with us – it was a great atmosphere!

The trip itself was pretty rough. We travelled around 4000km all by nighttrain and busses, even into Siberia! Luckily they have what they call an ‘early spring’ this year, because the cold wasn’t too bad. But it was supposed to be -30/-40 degrees Celcius, and that would be really cold! The drumkits that I played went from pretty bad up till good. Most of them were too poppy, with pinstripe skins (which I HATE), but I had 2 great DW kits. And of course my own cymbals, which saved me from getting too depressed 🙂

Here are some pictures, so you can see a little bit what was going on:

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  1. Your concert in St-Petersburg was wonderful!!!
    All the billets were sailed 1,5 month before! I got one of the last billet:)
    Your solo was best!best!best!!! Audience always wanted to applause, because don`t know when the end would be , but You have been playing and playing, it was very good moment!:) Thank you for good amusement and the great mood!!!

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