It’s been a while since I posted here, and a lot of things have happend, so it’s about time! First of all I have to tell you that we played the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Koselleck Bigband in july. It was great, we did a good performance and a lot of people were there to hear it. Thank you for all the enthousiastic reactions!

The rest of july were holidays for me, off for some sailing in Poland :-). Then in august I had a tour with the Miller Bigband in the Alps, which was awesome! The views we had there, with some 30 degrees celcius every day – just great! We stayed in the beautiful town of Bolzano for a couple of days, and since we had such a fine band put together, we went playing in the streets there. People loved it, and we even made some extra money, haha.

So right now everything else is getting started again. Some gigs with the Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw, we just finished recording the second album of the Tim Langedijk Trio, the live cd of the Holland Bigband is ready for release – things are happening! And last but not least: a couple of months ago the great comedian Sven Ratzke recorded his live cd with Cord Heineking, Charlie Zastrau and me in the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam, and as a trailer he put the next video on YouTube. Enjoy!

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