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This month I’m featured in the Slagwerkkrant, the dutch drum magazine. Thanks to Mark van Schaick they reviewed two cd’s (Holland Bigband and Sven Ratzke) and interviewed me about my approach to both cd’s, the recording process and the differences in working in those two bands (bigband vs smallband with song approach). Obviously it’s a whole different world, so it’s nice to see the comparison in one article. Read the interview online here:


Sven Ratzke – Songs in a Cabaret

Now that was a busy and great summer! Basically I wasn’t home for two whole months, with trips including Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and almost all of Italy! Great places, great people, I’ll tell you more about it later.

Right now I want to tell you about a cd-recording we did this summer, the new album of Sven Ratzke. With new arrangements of gorgeous songs by Marlene Dietrich, Ingrid Caven and Hildegard Knef, but also newly, especially for Ratzke written songs by Mathilde Santing, Cora Frost and New York-famous Rachelle Garniez. On the cd you’ll hear some guest performances of Eric Vloeimans, Tuur Floorizoone, Claron McFadden and Fay Lovsky. It’s a real beauty, check out this YouTube promo:

The cd is called Songs in a Cabaret and you can find it at Challenge Records International or buy it in Sven’s online shop. You can also attend the cd-release on september 25th at the Bimhuis Amsterdam, tickets available here.


It’s gonna be a busy summer this year! After the release of the new Træben-cd we played the release-tour throughout spring, and we got a lot of great reactions. Also the press picked it up, and we got some wonderful reviews in for example Bebop Spoken Here, Allaboutjazz.com and Draai Om Je Oren. Thank you all for supporting our music! This weekend you can hear us live in Luxembourg on a big jazz and blues festival throughout the city.

Another great show this summer is at the Parade, called La Ten Damme & Le Ratzke On The Rocks. Ellen ten Damme and Sven Ratzke put together a show especially for this year’s Parade, with a lot of glamour, vaudeville and sex&drugs&rock’nroll! It’ll be playing in all 4 city’s (Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Amsterdam), come and check us out.

And last but not least: Mathilde Santing is gonne do one of the Robeco Zomerconcerten 2012 at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the 12th of august. She’ll be performing her Sinatra repertoire (with which she toured a while ago) accompanied by her jazz-quartet. That’s gonna be something..

I hope to see in one of these places!

Two releases, one recording

As 2010 is ending, in a very cold and white Amsterdam, there’s some news to mention. In the last month two recordings were released with me playing on it, and one new recording was made at the Bimhuis.

The first release is the cd of the Frits Landesbergen/Willem Hellbreker quartet, called Saxvibes. It’s all jazzstandards, played the way Willem and Frits like them, recorded in the Powersound studio’s by Paul Pouwer. You can listen to and buy the cd here.

The second one is singer Silvy Lane her new album, called The SoulSilly Experience. It’s all originals, arranged and edited by her and the band, all put together on this album. It’s a little soul, a little jazz, a little funk, check it out and see if you like it: www.sylvilane.com or here.

And last but not least there was the recording of the new Sven Ratzke album: Sven Ratzke macht Musik @ the Bimhuis. With translated and re-arranged songs of Brell, Weill, Joy Devision and Falco, and with lots of guest musicians (Fay Lovski, Tatiana Koleva, Angelo Verploegen), he made a spectacular evening at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. It all was recorded, and after mixing and mastering this live album will be released in 2011.

So, for now I hope you will have a great Christmas time, and all the best and lots of music for 2011!!


It was great!

So we played the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Tim Langedijk Trio, and it was great! We had to get used to the dry sound on the stage a little, but people in the hall said it sounded fantastic. Very nice! For those who were there: thanks for listening to us, for all the others: come and see us soon!


Now some gigs with Sven Ratzke at the Parade Utrecht and one with Mathilde Santing at the Vondelpark Amsterdam, and then up for some vacation!!!


It’s been a while since I posted here, and a lot of things have happend, so it’s about time! First of all I have to tell you that we played the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Koselleck Bigband in july. It was great, we did a good performance and a lot of people were there to hear it. Thank you for all the enthousiastic reactions!

The rest of july were holidays for me, off for some sailing in Poland :-). Then in august I had a tour with the Miller Bigband in the Alps, which was awesome! The views we had there, with some 30 degrees celcius every day – just great! We stayed in the beautiful town of Bolzano for a couple of days, and since we had such a fine band put together, we went playing in the streets there. People loved it, and we even made some extra money, haha.

So right now everything else is getting started again. Some gigs with the Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw, we just finished recording the second album of the Tim Langedijk Trio, the live cd of the Holland Bigband is ready for release – things are happening! And last but not least: a couple of months ago the great comedian Sven Ratzke recorded his live cd with Cord Heineking, Charlie Zastrau and me in the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam, and as a trailer he put the next video on YouTube. Enjoy!