Roberto Spizzichino – RIP

Yesterday I heard that the fabulous cymbalmaker Roberto Spizzichino passed away, after suffering from leukemia. I visited him last year, and we had a great time together. He was pretty fit then, we had our laughs and our stories, especially he, even though it was really cold! He was a very special man with great […]

New albums

In the past months two albums were released on which I play. One was coming along with the magazine ‘Jazzism’, and was a recording of a live-gig with the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw in may this year. We played with several guests in Paradiso (Amsterdam), and the set with Ronald Snijders was recorded and […]

Traeben – Jazz in de gracht

Recently I became the drummer of Traeben, a Scandinavian-Dutch jazzgroup ( Autumn this year we’ll be recording their second album in Germany, but until then we’ll play a couple of nice gigs. For instance this weekend in the Hague: Jazz in de gracht!

KKBB Bimhuis Volkskrant review

Last monday we played our gig with the Konrad Koselleck Bigband at the Bimhuis, and Tim Sprangers of De Volkskrant was there. We did things a little different, with Hans Dagelet, Ellen ten Damme and Thibaud Delpeut, and looked back at the 20th century in a theatrical way. Tim gave the concert 4 stars(!), and […]

Bogerman Bigband

When I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to go to a high-school where music was important. One of the teachers there, Anne Oosterhaven, had seen an American high-school bigband when he was young, and decided that that should be possible in the Netherlands as well. So he started that band, the Bogerman BigBand, […]

Two releases, one recording

As 2010 is ending, in a very cold and white Amsterdam, there’s some news to mention. In the last month two recordings were released with me playing on it, and one new recording was made at the Bimhuis. The first release is the cd of the Frits Landesbergen/Willem Hellbreker quartet, called Saxvibes. It’s all jazzstandards, […]

Koselleck Bigband @ vrije geluiden

Last weekend we played with the Konrad Koselleck Bigband in VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden. We did three songs, one bandsong with Robbert Scherpenisse, one with Sven Ratzke and an edit of a classical peace with Claron McFadden. You can check out all three of them on YouTube, one is here:

Lotte van Dijck – ‘Lege Plaatsen in de Stad’

Summer is over, everything and everybody is busy again, and so am I. I’ve been studying a lot the last weeks, prepared some new projects, did a couple of gigs and a dozen rehearsals. For example, I’ve been recording with two singers, rehearsed Linda Smeets her own repertoire for a couple of gigs, recorded (as […]

It was great!

So we played the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Tim Langedijk Trio, and it was great! We had to get used to the dry sound on the stage a little, but people in the hall said it sounded fantastic. Very nice! For those who were there: thanks for listening to us, for all the […]