Volkskrant review

We received a very nice review in De Volkskrant with the Tim Langedijk Trio for a gig a couple of days ago in Amsterdam. You can read it down below and see a part of the gig on YouTube. Check it out!
Saturday we’re playing North Sea Jazz Festival.

North Sea Jazz

It’s going well with the Tim Langedijk Trio. After the release of the second cd Inside the house (which you can still check out in the iTunes-store here) we got a lot of enthousiastic reactions. People who bought the cd said that they loved it, and the reviews in the press were great! For example the one in Jazzenzo (click to read). Thank you for all the compliments, it’s great to hear them!

And then some other great news: we’re proud to announce that the Tim Langedijk Trio is playing the North Sea Jazz Festival 2010 in Rotterdam! We’re playing on saturday at the Yenisei-venue, 0:00 – 01:15. Come and check us out!

Early cats!

The cool thing when you’re doing a Sinatra-project (www.mathildesanting.info) is that you come across the early cats again. With Sinatra that’s unmistaken Sonny Payne, with the Basie records, but also Sinatra’s own favorite, Irving Cottler. What a drummer he is! Not only did he do a lot of the Billy May records with Frank, but he also did most of the tours in the US and Europe, for years.And then there’s Earl Palmer, born in New Orleans, known as a great rhythm and blues- and rock and roll drummer, but don’t be mistaken: a great bigband drummer as well! You should really hear the attitude in his playing, and check out his amazing fills! (f.e. on Sinatra and Swingin’ Brass).

And I have to mention Jack Sperling here, not a Sinatra drummer, but also a West-Coaster. He’s more known for his work with Mancini, and playing Fever with Peggy Lee and Max Bennett. The time in his right hand and his crispy sound – amazing! And a couple of weeks ago I could finally get hold of the only record he ever made on his own name, called Fascinating Rhythm, and I’m very happy to have that in my collection now!

Spizzichino documentairy

For everybody who missed it, here’s the link to the documentairy about cymbalmaker Roberto Spizzichino, whom I visited with my brother and radiomaker Botte, broadcasted in VPRO’s De Avonden – radio 6.

click here

Tim Langedijk Trio – new cd

Our new Tim Langedijk Trio-album is out! It’s called Inside the House, and has 9 great tracks on it. If you want to buy a cd, send me an email, or click on the artwork to go to the Itunes Store. Check it out!

cd-presentation @ the Bimhuis

Konrad Koselleck BigBand CD “My Favorites Sing!” release concert, January 25 at the BIMHUIS in Amsterdam

Guestsingers: Claron McFadden, Ellen ten Damme, Esra Dalfidan, Deborah Carter, Lydia van Dam, Sven Ratzke and Raphaela Dangsagmüller (duduk)


Roberto Spizzichino

Most of you drummers know the name Spizzichino. It’s a guy in Toscany (Italy), that makes handcrafted cymbals, trying to find the sound of the ‘old K’s’. And he’s damn good at that, so his cymbals are pretty exclusive!

My brother Botte, who works for the radio, heard the Spizzichino story from me, and took me there to make a documentairy about him. Last tuesday we went there, and what a guy! He’s the nicest and most honest person you can imagine, full of great stories, and with lots of ideas about cymbals. We sat down, talked for 4 hours, bought some wine in between, looked at his huge collection of old cymbals, and admired his own work. It was the best! Eventually I had the great opportunity to buy one of his 22″ K-sound-alikes, that he finished on the spot (see pictures) and signed for me. What a guy! The documentary is gonna be broadcasted in Holland Doc (radio 1) at the end of January, I’ll keep you posted about that.

Happy 2010!

First of all: all the best to you for 2010, make it a great musical year!! It’s been busy the last months, with a lot of traveling and a lot of playing. I’ve visited Los Angeles, toured 25000 (!) km in Russia, visited the very great Peter Erskine and met Jeff Hamilton – I hope to tell you more about that all later.

For now I’d like you to know that we kicked off Mathilde Santings theater tour Sinatra’s Tonic, so I’ll be playing the theaters in Holland mainly for the next half year, and I can tell you it’s swingin’! So I hope to see you there, and I’ll post here more often.


It’s been a while since I posted here, and a lot of things have happend, so it’s about time! First of all I have to tell you that we played the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Koselleck Bigband in july. It was great, we did a good performance and a lot of people were there to hear it. Thank you for all the enthousiastic reactions!

The rest of july were holidays for me, off for some sailing in Poland :-). Then in august I had a tour with the Miller Bigband in the Alps, which was awesome! The views we had there, with some 30 degrees celcius every day – just great! We stayed in the beautiful town of Bolzano for a couple of days, and since we had such a fine band put together, we went playing in the streets there. People loved it, and we even made some extra money, haha.

So right now everything else is getting started again. Some gigs with the Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw, we just finished recording the second album of the Tim Langedijk Trio, the live cd of the Holland Bigband is ready for release – things are happening! And last but not least: a couple of months ago the great comedian Sven Ratzke recorded his live cd with Cord Heineking, Charlie Zastrau and me in the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam, and as a trailer he put the next video on YouTube. Enjoy!