Konrad Koselleck Bigband recordings

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Since three years every second monday of the month we play with the Konrad Koselleck Bigband in the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam. Every concert is with a couple of guests, from jazz and pop singers to classical singers, duduk-players, DJ’s, tap-dancers, musical-stars, caberetiers and other entertainers. It was about time that we would record an album with this band, with a selection of these guest on it. And so we did. Last week we went into the studio and recorded 13 tracks, all very different from each other. One of the guest was Deborah J. Carter, a great jazz singer from the States, and yesterday we did the Sugarfactory gig with her as well, as you can see on the pictures taken by Mark Zandveld. The album has to be mixed and mastered now, and in may this year we’re going to present it at the Bimhuis – Amsterdam. More info on that later..

Herb Geller

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herb-gellerIn november alto-saxophonist Herb Geller (check your westcoast records from the 50’s/60’s) turned 80. He’s alive and kickin’ in Hamburg, and as a birthday present they gave him a concert of his own. He chose to do a combo-set and a bigband-set with the NDR-Bigband, and I was asked to play the drums on both of them! Unbelievable how this cat still plays his instrument, it really was incredible! The first set the great Ack van Rooyen and some other friends of Herb joined in, and the second set was arranged and conducted by Jorg Achim Keller. What a great experience to play with those musicians..

Picture update

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With this new website, I created a Flickr account, to put all my pictures on. As you can see in the menu it’s working quite well, and if you click the pics, you can see all of them on Flickr. On the old website the pictures weren’t up to date anymore, so I put a lot of new ones there. Check them out, here’s allready an impression:

New website

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About time, wasnt it? A new website – and here it is! Check out all the information you want to have about me. It’s not quite finished yet, but feel free to take a look around allready!