So, february is now officially the travel-month. After playing Krakow – Poland recently with VinnieVibes (which was great, flying in and out, leaving and back home in 36 hours, but a great audience) I’m now looking forward to drive 1000 kilometers to Copenhagen – Denmark next week. They’re having a big event called Vinterjazz, organised […]

Touring Italy

Talking about touring, this was something incredible. In the middle of the summer the Glenn Miller Orchestra did a tour in Italy, where we travelled more than 5000 kilometres, up and down ‘The Boot’, from Bari to Venice to Aosta. Everywhere we were received real nicely, we saw beautiful places, had incredible food (!) and […]

Rare footage..

There’s a lot of stuff on YouTube, and since a lot of people film the concerts they’re attending, you sometimes find rare footage of yourself. This is an example that I just ran into, it’s a concert I played in St. Petersburg in 2010, when we were touring Russia for 4 weeks with the GMO. […]


It’s been a while since I posted here, and a lot of things have happend, so it’s about time! First of all I have to tell you that we played the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Koselleck Bigband in july. It was great, we did a good performance and a lot of people were […]

From Russia with love

I just came back from a 2 week tour with the Miller Orchestra in Russia. We toured 11 cities in 13 days, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. What a country that is! People loved the music, and loved to hear us play. The last day in St. Petersburg we had a sold-out concert for 3500 […]