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VinnieVibes @ North Sea Jazz

Last summer we played the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague with VinnieVibes – the energetic band of Vincent Houdijk. The gig was awesome, there was a huge line to get into the venue we played, and the responses were amazing.

SO – GOOD NEWS: we recorded the whole thing, and it’s being mixed and mastered as we speak, to be released soon as the new VinnieVibes album! I had a sneak preview this week, and it’s really something special. I’ll keep you posted about the release date (follow me on facebook and you’ll know it the minute it’s available), but make sure you check it out when available..

So many projects..

Hello there! Glad you came to visit this site and see what’s going on. Let me give you an update of what’s happening:

First of all I finished off some great events in the last couple of months – the North Sea Jazz Festival was amazing, super audience and still one of the best festivals to be playing at. Also the Young Vips Tour with VinnieVibes is finished and was a great succes in all ten venues we played. From this tour the cd is still available, check Vincent’s website for that.

Not finished, but visited a lot is Starman! The show of Sven Ratzke (in which I’m playing drums) has gone around the world the last couple of months and continues to do so. We did a big tour in Australia with venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide (Cabaret Festival) and Perth, and had the most amazing reviews and responds over there. Lots of warmth Down Under! But not everything was that far away, we did a month of Edinburgh Festival (around 50 performances in one month!), got recorded by BBC television, travelled to Berlin and other places in Germany, had a tv-recording in the south (Saarländischer Rundfunk), and many many more. Starman continues for another year, but I’ll tell you more about that later. As I will do for all other things happening in the future, so keep visiting this website to stay up to date (or check the agenda for upcoming gigs)!


Young Vips tour about to start

Next month the Young Vips tour 2016 will start, which I’m am playing with the great band VinnieVibes. The tour will take us through all of the Netherlands, and we’re sharing the stage with Rogier Telderman Trio, the other winner of the Young Vips price. Along with playing this tour comes the release of VORTEX, the new album by VinnieVibes. Vincent Houdijk, the leader and founder of the band, composed some new music which we recorded live at Paradox (Tilburg) last year. That recording has been mixed and mastered, and we’ll bring it along on this tour. So come and check us out:

  • tourschedule and more info here
  • new album VORTEX available here



Young Vips 2016

This year Vincent Houdijk with his group VinnieVibes (where I’m part of) has been selected to be the Young Vip of 2016! Together with the other vip, Rogier Telderman, he will do a tour along all of Hollands greatest jazz venues (Bimhuis, Lantaren Venster, Paradox and many others).

In the meantime VinnieVibes recorded a new live album at Paradox – Tilburg, and that album called VORTEX will be released during this tour. So check out my agenda, or the VinnieVibes website for more information and come out and see us during the tour! The musicians in the band are: Vincent Houdijk (vibes), Floris van der Vlught (saxes), Aron Raams (guitar), Sven Happel (bas) and yours truly on drums.


So, february is now officially the travel-month. After playing Krakow – Poland recently with VinnieVibes (which was great, flying in and out, leaving and back home in 36 hours, but a great audience) I’m now looking forward to drive 1000 kilometers to Copenhagen – Denmark next week. They’re having a big event called Vinterjazz, organised by the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and we’re very happy to be playing there with Traeben. This band is located in the Netherlands, but with two Danish members it’s really nice to be able to play such a big event in Denmark too. If you’re around, we’ll play our Valentinesgig the 14th in the club called Metronomen, and it’s going to be great!

Then back from Copenhagen I’ll be spending time with my students at the conservatory here in Amsterdam, just before I leave for a tour in Russia with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. And this is going to be the heavy, real touring vibe. I just received the schedule for it, and basically you could say that the first night we spend in a hotel is going to be after 5 days. The distance will be St. Petersburg to Vladivostok (!), coming from Amsterdam that is 8200km one way. We’ll play 11 gigs in 12 days, and since the cities are not in a row following up to the east, we’ll be traveling back and forth as well. But we will visit some cities I’ve never been before, so hopefully I can get a glimpse of those when we’re there. For instance, check out Norilsk on googlemaps, the most northern city of siberia, one of the few above the Arctic Circle – if it stays like this it’s going to be mild, last week it was -42 Celcius..


VinnieVibes @ Virus (AVRO)

Yesterday we were with VinnieVibes at the Schouwburg Rotterdam, to be part of the Virus show of that day. Virus is a radio and internet program with lots of live music, both classical and jazz, with a very fresh taste. Yesterday they gave carte blanche to the famous Matangi quartet, and they invited us te be part of the show. We played a couple of our own tunes, one piece that Vinnie arranged for Matangi and VinnieVibes together, and I had to explain to Vivienne van den Assem what an Udu was and how it works. You can see the whole broadcast here: