It’s gonna be a busy summer this year! After the release of the new Træben-cd we played the release-tour throughout spring, and we got a lot of great reactions. Also the press picked it up, and we got some wonderful reviews in for example Bebop Spoken Here, and Draai Om Je Oren. Thank you all for supporting our music! This weekend you can hear us live in Luxembourg on a big jazz and blues festival throughout the city.

Another great show this summer is at the Parade, called La Ten Damme & Le Ratzke On The Rocks. Ellen ten Damme and Sven Ratzke put together a show especially for this year’s Parade, with a lot of glamour, vaudeville and sex&drugs&rock’nroll! It’ll be playing in all 4 city’s (Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Amsterdam), come and check us out.

And last but not least: Mathilde Santing is gonne do one of the Robeco Zomerconcerten 2012 at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the 12th of august. She’ll be performing her Sinatra repertoire (with which she toured a while ago) accompanied by her jazz-quartet. That’s gonna be something..

I hope to see in one of these places!

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