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New album ‘Balanced Action’

This year I’m playing on the new album by Willem Hellbreker called ‘Balanced Action’. Together with the great Johan Clement, with whom I got to play for the first time, and my pal Jasper Somsen on double bass. The album contains a lot of originals by Willem, and some standards along with that. We got some great reviews already, and the albums sounds really nice!

Check it out and find some more info here!

Two releases, one recording

As 2010 is ending, in a very cold and white Amsterdam, there’s some news to mention. In the last month two recordings were released with me playing on it, and one new recording was made at the Bimhuis.

The first release is the cd of the Frits Landesbergen/Willem Hellbreker quartet, called Saxvibes. It’s all jazzstandards, played the way Willem and Frits like them, recorded in the Powersound studio’s by Paul Pouwer. You can listen to and buy the cd here.

The second one is singer Silvy Lane her new album, called The SoulSilly Experience. It’s all originals, arranged and edited by her and the band, all put together on this album. It’s a little soul, a little jazz, a little funk, check it out and see if you like it: www.sylvilane.com or here.

And last but not least there was the recording of the new Sven Ratzke album: Sven Ratzke macht Musik @ the Bimhuis. With translated and re-arranged songs of Brell, Weill, Joy Devision and Falco, and with lots of guest musicians (Fay Lovski, Tatiana Koleva, Angelo Verploegen), he made a spectacular evening at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. It all was recorded, and after mixing and mastering this live album will be released in 2011.

So, for now I hope you will have a great Christmas time, and all the best and lots of music for 2011!!