Since three years every second monday of the month we play with the Konrad Koselleck Bigband in the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam. Every concert is with a couple of guests, from jazz and pop singers to classical singers, duduk-players, DJ’s, tap-dancers, musical-stars, caberetiers and other entertainers. It was about time that we would record an album with this band, with a selection of these guest on it. And so we did. Last week we went into the studio and recorded 13 tracks, all very different from each other. One of the guest was Deborah J. Carter, a great jazz singer from the States, and yesterday we did the Sugarfactory gig with her as well, as you can see on the pictures taken by Mark Zandveld. The album has to be mixed and mastered now, and in may this year we’re going to present it at the Bimhuis – Amsterdam. More info on that later..