Koning van Katoren

This week a new Dutch movie had its premiere, called Koning van Katoren. The movie is based on a book by Jan Terlouw, that became very popular after it’s first release, and now there is also this movie with Mingus Dagelet and Abbey Hoes. The score of the film is written by Bart Westerlaken, who […]

KKBB recording ‘live at the Bimhuis’ CD

…featuring: the Band! 10 september 2012, 20.30 uur, BIMHuis, Amsterdam (Sroll down for the English version.) Maandag 10 september starten wij het seizoen in het BIMhuis en dan staan de band en onze eigen solisten centraal. Arrangementen en composities op het lijf geschreven van ons uitstekende improvisatoren zo als Gerad Kleijn, Alex Simu, Bart Lust, […]

KKBB Bimhuis Volkskrant review

Last monday we played our gig with the Konrad Koselleck Bigband at the Bimhuis, and Tim Sprangers of De Volkskrant was there. We did things a little different, with Hans Dagelet, Ellen ten Damme and Thibaud Delpeut, and looked back at the 20th century in a theatrical way. Tim gave the concert 4 stars(!), and […]

Koselleck Bigband @ vrije geluiden

Last weekend we played with the Konrad Koselleck Bigband in VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden. We did three songs, one bandsong with Robbert Scherpenisse, one with Sven Ratzke and an edit of a classical peace with Claron McFadden. You can check out all three of them on YouTube, one is here:

cd-presentation @ the Bimhuis

Konrad Koselleck BigBand CD “My Favorites Sing!” release concert, January 25 at the BIMHUIS in Amsterdam Guestsingers: Claron McFadden, Ellen ten Damme, Esra Dalfidan, Deborah Carter, Lydia van Dam, Sven Ratzke and Raphaela Dangsagmüller (duduk) www.koselleck.com


It’s been a while since I posted here, and a lot of things have happend, so it’s about time! First of all I have to tell you that we played the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Koselleck Bigband in july. It was great, we did a good performance and a lot of people were […]

Konrad Koselleck Bigband recordings

Since three years every second monday of the month we play with the Konrad Koselleck Bigband in the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam. Every concert is with a couple of guests, from jazz and pop singers to classical singers, duduk-players, DJ’s, tap-dancers, musical-stars, caberetiers and other entertainers. It was about time that we would record an album […]